Stylish Urn

Manufacture and sale of unique hand-painted urns.
Design innovations in surface finishing and decoration.

Stylish Urns - Karel Kučera

We specialize in the manufacture and sale of unique aluminum urns (urn packaging).
Our urns are new surface finishing and decoration. The coating is applied by spraying with a combination of multiple colors and glitter. This adjusted urn is fired at a temperature of 190°C. The urn is decorated with hand-painted motifs. You can choose from many options - from landscapes after flowers. Photos in the gallery are all illustrative.

Each painting is original. Painted motifs may vary from piece to piece due to nature of hand painting and our inovations.

With us you can also choose to make your own design or urns decorate according to your artwork. For more information about this offer please contact us.

Since visually interesting surface treatment and decoration of urns recommend our urns for use in a columbarium or location ashes of the deceased at home. Of course you can use it for all other saving options.

Urns are available in two sizes. Dimensionally smaller urns are suitable for plastic split cellars and store in the country. Equal to the upper surface of the lid allows different ways of making the initials of the deceased.

Treat yourself or your close in quality and style, even after death.

Specifications Urns

Material: Aluminum
Surface treatment: spray paint and glitter
Firing temperature: 190°C
Decorations: hand painting
Height: 22 cm
Diameter: 15.5 cm
Volume: 3 liters
Height: 26 cm
Diameter: 16 cm
Volume: 3.5 liters
Height: 20 cm
Diameter: 14 cm
Volume: 1 liters
Height: 12.5 cm
Diameter: 10 cm
Volume: 0.4 liters
Volume: 0.3 l, 0.5 l, 1 l, 2 l, 3 l
Urns Price: on request


Urn variant 5 - group Urn variant 5-1 Urn variant 5-2 Urn variant 5-3 Urn variant 5-4 Urn variant 5-5
Urn variant 6-1 Urn variant 6-2 Urn variant 6-3 Urn variant 6-4
Urn variant 7 - group 1 Urn variant 7 - group 3 Urn variant 7-1 Urn variant 7-2 Urn variant 7-3 Urn variant 7-4
Urn variant 7 - group 2
Urn variant 8 - group 1 Urn variant 8-1 Urn variant 8-2


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